Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple iPad Video

Clearly video is an important part of there strategy.

Personally I have found that with netbooks and my MacBook Pro it's like everyone in the house has there own personal TV / Game system.

So much so, I just decided to cancel my Cable TV. I just bought a new 52" Sharp LCD TV a year ago, and had HD cable, but with Hulu, and Netflix and Youtube and Bit Torrent there is no reason for cable.

I hate having to wait for a show to come on and remember to record it. the DVR/PVR was just a intermediary step on the path to a full Internet based Digital Video world.

Soon no one will record there shows but just watch directy over the Internet and Apple know's it!

With HTML 5 and google pushing, soon Adobe/Macromedia flash may become the second choice rather then the first and only really good choice for streaming video today.

The iPad should be in an excellent place to take advantage of this.

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