Monday, March 22, 2010

Could quantum dots replace CCD and CMOS image sensors?

Quantum dots are tiny bits of semiconductor crystals with amazing optical properties that are determined not only by their material composition, but their size. Till now these have mostly been used for emitting light but can also receive light.

Silicon Valley startup InVisage has unveiled a potentially disruptive technology that might be a game changer for digital photography. Industry analysts are understandably intrigued by this quantum dot technology and its potential to displace the mighty CMOS image sensor in future cameras. Among other things, InVisage claims that quantum films offer four times the sensitivity as CMOS images sensor yet are less expensive to manufacture.

Quantum film threatens to replace CMOS image chips

Just as film was displaced by silicon chips, so now quantum film threatens to replace CMOS image chips by responding electrically to light instead of by changing its chemical composition.


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Catholic Television said...

Invisage has made some claims and the science has promise but I can't get a reply email after several attempts. I have tried to get anyone to give a time frame for a commercial product for the high-end imager industry but got no where. Does anyone have any real information as to the timing of this technology in film and broadcast imagers?