Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mark Cuban, on 3DTV

I find this really interesting. He's right. No one cared about 3D, where I would have thought Sports was the market for this.

The Most Interesting Thing About This Years Super Bowl

with out question is…… drum roll please…. 3D
the fact that no one asked if the game was being televised in 3D before hand.
No one talked about wanting to  watch in 3D
No one was upset that the game was not broadcast in 3D. There weren’t irate call ins to talk radio. In fact, I don’t think anyone realized that it wasn’t being broadcast in 3D because no one cared.
It was the same thing earlier in the season when the NBA did a game in 3D. Not a single person asked me about it. No one in the media brought it up. No one talked about watching it.  That is saying a lot.
The future of 3D is not sports. A bunch of guys are not going to spend a lot of money on glasses to look goofy sitting next to each other.  Nor will they sit on top of each other  to watch a non glasses 3D . (non glasses 3D requires viewing from right in front of the TV.)
That’s not to say that 3D doesn’t have a future on TV. 3D will work for things people tend to watch alone or with one other person. If you bought the 3D TV. If you bought the glasses . You probably bought just a pair for yourself. Maybe a significant other or child.  Noticing that a movie is on in 3D and grabbing the glasses, that could work. Noticing that a travel show is in 3D (say… Get Out from HDNet , now shooting in 3D) and grabbing your glasses works. Again, any show that you would typically watch by yourself, it’s no problem grabbing the glasses and chilling in front of the TV.  It’s a unique experience when you want something different. It can really make some shows a lot more interesting.
Having to buy a bunch of glasses for you and your buddies to watch the game…..too much risk that someone takes a picture of the group and posts it on Facebook. That shit lives forever…..

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