Monday, April 11, 2011

Live Video on YouTube

Well last September YouTube did a brief test of live video streaming. I guess it went well because they are rolling it out today.

It's amazing really since Recorded VOD (video on demand) is a much more difficult problem then live broadcast video.  This is the reason I focused on live video, because the bar was in some ways lower. In other ways higher because you need to maintain good signal paths across the network.  But that's what I used my ECIP protocol for.

Here are some articles on YouTube's live streaming.
YouTube is going LIVE

Coming At You: Live Video on YouTube.

YouTube is going live.
Google Inc.’s video arm is rolling out a special platform for live streaming shows. Called YouTube Live, the site lets viewers browse through live shows that are playing now, as well as ones that are coming up or already have been recorded.

YouTube tests live video streaming   From September 2010

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