Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cloud-Based, Ray-Traced Games stream to thin clients.

 This is really a trend of the future.

Where the big hardware can be a shared resource and streamed to thin clients, or basically devices with low end  $10 ~ $20 cpu's like the Roku or other Internet media streamers.  The heavy lifting is done on the back end game server.

Experimental Cloud-based Ray Tracing Using Intel® MIC Architecture for Highly Parallel Visual Processing

Wolfenstein gets ray traced - on your tablet!

Wolfenstein gets ray traced - now with more horsepower and new effects!

Cloud-Based, Ray-Traced Games On Intel Tablets

"After Intel showed a ray traced version of Wolfenstein last year running cloud-based streamed to a laptop the company that has just recently announced its shift to the mobile market shows now their research project Lalso running on various x86-tablets with 5 to 10 inch screens. The heavy calculations are performed by a cloud consisting of a machine with a Knights Ferry card (32 cores) inside. The achieved frame rates are around 20-30 fps."

Wolfenstein Ray Traced and Anti-Aliased, At 1080p

"After Intel displayed their research demo Wolfenstein: Ray Traced on Tablets, the latest progress at IDF focuses on high(est)-end gaming now running at 1080p. Besides image-based post-processing (HDR, Depth of Field) there is now also an implementation of a smart way of calculating anti-aliasing through using mesh IDs and normals and applying adaptive 16x supersampling. All that is powered by the 'cloud,' consisting of a server that holds eight Knights Ferry cards (total of 256 cores / 1024 threads). A lot of hardware, but the next iteration of the 'Many Integrated Core' (MIC) architecture, named Knights Corner (and featuring 50+ cores), might be just around the corner."


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