Saturday, January 21, 2012

Electronically controlled color filter. Notable patent.

New developments in optics never cease to surprise and amaze me. It's not like digital technology that's been following the steady pace set by Moore's law of roughly 66% a year. With optics thing seem to come out of left field. 

I was doing further investigation on something really interesting I ran across as CES when found this patent.

An electrically adjustable optical filter. This would have all sorts of applications:
Displays and projectors ( think of replacing the spinning wheel in the Dolby Digital 3D ) , astronomy, super miniature spectrometer,  hyper-spectral cameras, color matching, machine vision & quality control, Tune-able Lasers, fiber optic communications, genetics and Biology.


Application number: 12/521,400
Publication number:US 2010/0053755 A1


Application number: 12/521,416
Publication number:US 2010/0046060 A1

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