Thursday, April 26, 2012

YouTube 3D Video

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YouTube 3D Video  

  •  Upload 3D Content
  • Convert 2D video to 3D 

  • Watch 3D Content

    Set up HTML5 Stereo View

    HTML5 stereo view allows you to view 3D video on YouTube using specialized hardware and software. We currently support the following solutions for viewing YouTube 3D video through HTML5 stereo view:
    NVIDIA 3D Vision Configure 3D Vision for watching YouTube 3D (provided by NVIDIA)

    For help setting up your hardware or software for HTML5 stereo view, select a link from the above list. Please note that the above links are not controlled nor content on them endorsed by YouTube.

    Why is it called HTML5 stereo view?

    HTML5 stereo view is a standards compliant way of watching 3D content using special hardware and software:
    • HTML5 is the technology that we use to display video
    • Stereo view stands for stereoscopic view, meaning the ability to show you a different image for each eye

    HTML5 stereo view adheres to web standards so that new devices can easily support watching 3D on YouTube. YouTube aims to expand support for additional standards compliant devices in the future.

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