Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Botiful, telepresence robot for Android




A Botiful robot at home

Botiful is the first consumer tele-presence robot. With Skype as a simple interface you or your friends can control the robot and be remotely present from anywhere in the world.

Be present with anyone, from anywhere !
  • Skype video calls - Botiful is fully integrated with Skype and is table top. You can move the robot and the head to look at the people you are talking to and follow them as they move
  • Baby monitoring - see everything you want to see, not just what is shown to you
  • Play remotely with kids - with Botiful, you can interact with kids and share their games
  • Safely inspect places you can't access yourself, like under a car
  • Invite distant buddies to your favorite bar, or join them if you can't be present
  • Visit a place from your home
  • Entertain your pet remotely

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