Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thanko Intros HDMI Over Ethernet Streaming Solution

Thanko HDMI Over Ethernet Streaming Solution
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Even though wireless video streaming solutions seem to pop just about everywhere nowadays these are still to expensive for the average consumer while image lag and transmission range can still prove to be a problem so Thanko developed an adapter that sends HDMI video or audio pver to your HDTV via Ethernet.

Ethernet connectivity aside, this works pretty much like your standard wireless video transmission kit, coming with two units (a receiver and a transmitter), one of these being attached to your laptop, PC or any other type of HDMI enabled device while the receiver gets connected to your HDTV.

Once setup, video can be transmitted over Ethernet, Thanko's solution being able to stream 1080p content up to 150 feet (about 45 meters) away from the source, a pretty impressive feat when you compare it with present day wireless video streaming technologies.


HDMI over Ethernet said...

HDMI is a great technology, but if you have to run the cable over long distances, then they're not, the most reliable. Ethernet cable (or, more correctly, Cat5e/Cat6 cable), on the other hand, is better at traveling, many feet’s. It's also, cheaper. 

Unknown said...

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