Friday, November 02, 2012

H.264 Decoder in JavaScript Running at 30fps

I must admit, I missed this one when it happened.

A friend of mine was telling me they were streaming live H.264 video off an AR Drone Copter using  Broadway.js

Some 15 years ago I did an H.263 decoder in Java, but it was miserable and only had enough cpu to
do 176x144 postage stamp size video.

Source code available here:

Native JavaScript H.264 decoder offers compelling demo of JS performance
Mozilla has released "Broadway," a native JavaScript-based H.264 decoder that …

Broadway: An H.264 Decoder in JavaScript Running at 30fps
JS Challange: Build an H.264 decoder in JavaScript for Firefox and Chrome. If we can do PDFs and MP3s, we can do H.264!

Similar project but for WebM video:
Route9.js: A VP8/WebM decoder in JavaScript

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