Friday, February 01, 2013

Streaming video latency on GoPro Hero3 Black.

We ran a quick test evaluating the GoPro Hero3 Camera for use in Live Video Streaming.

We were seeing around 4.7 Seconds delay while set to 1080P 14 fps.  or basically 66 frames delay. 

Our test was from from the Hero to an iPad3 over Wifi running their app. 

We also tested the HDMI output and found the latency to be impercievably low, we didn't bother  take a measurement.

We where unable to remove the on screen overlay display of the Battery indicator and other messages making in not suitable for a drop in HDMI video source. 

Still have not been able to get the video to stream over USB.

We also were unable to adjust the focus and were impressed with the wide angle lens but because the focus were unable to resolve text smaller then 1/4 inch. The color saturation is beautiful. 

These tests were performed at Anybots Inc. in Santa Clara, Ca. 

John L. Sokol  2/2/2013

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