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How to get $4,274,700,000 worth of art on your TV using Google Chromecast

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Date: Friday, March 7, 2014
Subject: Story Idea: How to get $4,274,700,000 worth of art on your TV using Google Chromecast (Video Technology Magazine)
To: John Sokol

John --

I'm writing to suggest a timely tech story for Video Technology Magazine:  How anyone can put $4.2 billion dollars worth of art in their TV using Google Chromecast.

High-end art used to be just for the rich and famous -- something to appreciate at The Louvre or purchased at Sotheby's.

But now Google Chromecast is making billions of dollars worth of art available to everyone;  Much of the world's greatest art has just become available for free so that anyone, anywhere, can stream it direct to their TV, using Artkick [] -- a free app that turns home TV's into a digital frame for world-class art.

Now a billionaire's collection of visual masterpieces are available for display in your home today, including:

* $1,000,000,000:  'Mona Lisa' by Leonardo da Vinci
* $269,400,000:  'The Card Players' by Paul Cezanne
* $200,000,000:  'The Concert' by Johannes Vermeer
* $200,000,000:  'The Wedding Dance' by Pieter Bruegel the Elder
* $155,800,000:  'Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I' by Gustav Klimt
* $150,000,000:  'Self-Portrait (with straw hat)' by Vincent van Gogh
* $141,500,000:  'Bal du Moulin de la Galette' by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
* $122,200,000:  'The Scream' by Edvard Munch
* $109,400,000:  'Irises' by Vincent van Gogh
* $99,700,000:  'Massacre of the Innocents' by Peter Paul Rubens
* $90,000,000:  'The Visitation' by Rembrandt
* $87,500,000:  'Le Mont Sainte-Victoire vu des Lauves' by Paul Cezanne
* $86,200,000:  'Water Lily Pond' by Claude Monet
* $85,000,000:  'Still Life, Drapery, Pitcher and Fruit Bowl' by Paul Cezanne

For the complete list of 32 paintings worth $4.2 billion, just let me know and I can email it over right away.  To display this grand collection of art on any TV, simply download the Artkick app [] and choose the "Most Valuable Paintings" view list.

I'm also happy to arrange an interview on this Chromecast topic with Artkick CEO Sheldon Laube (the former Chief Innovation Officer of PriceWaterhouseCoopers).  He is available for in-person (San Francisco or New York), phone, or Skype interviews from March 10 - 14.


Artkick [], now available for Google Chromecast, transforms millions of internet connected TVs into large interactive picture frames you control with your smartphone or tablet. Van Gogh’s Starry Night, NASA’s Hubble images from deep space, Ansel Adams landscapes, and contemporary photography are all easily and quickly viewable. Artkick is led by tech luminaries such as Sheldon Laube, former Chief Innovation Officer of PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and Abe Ostrovsky, the former CEO and then Chairman of Accelio Corporation (acquired by Adobe in 2002).

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