Sunday, June 08, 2014

Google's Project Tango using Mantis Vision's Structured Light 3D Camera

Israel based Mantis Vision confirms that its MV4D 3D camera is used in Google's Project Tango tablet.

Mantis Vision camera consists of flash projector hardware components and includes structured light-based depth sensing algorithms like PrimeSense technology used in the Microsoft Kinect and now owned by Apple. PrimeSense is also Israel based.

Amihai Loven, CEO, Mantis Vision said:
"3D represents a major paradigm shift for mobile. We haven't seen a change this significant since the introduction of the camera-phone. MV4D allows developers to deliver 3D-enabled mobile devices and capabilities to the world,"
 "This partnership with Google offers Mantis Vision the flexibility to expand quickly and strategically. It will fuel adoption and engagement directly with consumer audiences worldwide. Together, we are bringing 3D to the masses."

Johnny Lee, Technical Product Lead at Google said:
"We are excited about working with partners, such as Mantis Vision, as we push forward the hardware and software technologies for 3D sensing and motion tracking on mobile devices,"

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