Thursday, November 06, 2014

Omnivision Automotive Image Sensor Demo

LowLightVideos publishes a video demo of Omnivision OV10640 OmniBSI 4.2um pixel sensor for automotive applications. The notable points in the video:

0:10 Driving down the road there are clouds in the night sky that can be seen, yet oncoming headlights are not blinding. 

0:18 Driving in the underground during the day provides a fairly good image, though the trees outdoors are a bit washed out. 

0:55 Driving into the Sun does not oversaturate the Sensor. Next, a turn into a dark underground which quickly and smoothly brightens up as we enter. 

1:40 All those Headlights create a tiny bit of glare, but the clouds look pretty good in the night sky. Very little noise visible. 

4:00 At night the Streetlights never get too bright and the glare is never too great, yet the sky has visible clouds and very little noise.

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