Tuesday, September 01, 2020

500'000€ Prize for Compressing Human Knowledge

500'000€ Prize for Compressing Human Knowledge


The Task

Losslessly compress the 1GB file enwik9 to less than 116MB. More precisely:
  • Create a Linux or Windows compressor comp.exe of size S1 that compresses enwik9 to archive.exe of size S2 such that S:=S1+S2 < L := 116'673'681 = previous record.
  • If run, archive.exe produces (without input from other sources) a 109 byte file that is identical to enwik9.
  • If we can verify your claim, you are eligible for a prize of 500'000€×(1-S/L). Minimum claim is 5'000€ (1% improvement).
  • Restrictions: Must run in ≲100 hours using a single CPU core and <10gb a="" and="" class="extern" hdd="" href="http://browser.primatelabs.com/v4/cpu/145066" nbsp="" on="" our="" ram="" style="color: black;">test machine

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