Monday, July 09, 2007

It's been a while

I am long overdue for some posts. In the mean time so much has happened.
Where to begin.
Lots of Embedded Linux stuff some is video and imaging related.
Blackfin and PXA270 X-Scale ARM processors, now I'm working on Altera NIOS II, struggling to get uC Linux on it and having to learn VHDL. I know once I am over that learning curve a whole new world of programmable Hardware will be open to me.

Did a V4L2 Driver for the SDI Master Board, but only got partial payment on that, I still own one of the developers $4400, that I will have to pay out of my pocket since the customer isn't paying up... Very upsetting for me.

SDI is cool though, I have utilities now to capture and decode these in Windows and Linux X win.
SDI is not compressed at all, looks like a raw captured YUYV video stream sampled at 13.5 Mhz just like CCIR 601. It's CCIR 656 and has sync markers embedded into it's video data stream, also audio is embedded into it. I plan to open source all of this if I don't get paid soon.

Did a bunch of USB stuff, that was a really learning experience, I really was avoiding USB for a long time. There is a video over USB standard that is out there now.

I have avoided commenting on the Net Neutrality issue, but there shouldn't be any regulations in my opinion.


I also put up a number of new sites. Jpeg Cameras , V4L2 Video for Linux 2

I have a currently working version of ECIP for RTP streams, worked great with 6MBPS streams into VLC (videolan).

I was stunned that Skype now uses my firewall bypass idea. See posts on Slashdot.

I wish people would stop asking me for Kodicom Diginet software. I do sell compatible board, but can't provide that software. But boards work great in Linux with ZoneAlarm and under FreeBSD with a little user space setup utility I did.

There's a lot more but that will be in the next post.



Unknown said...

Hi John,

Are you open sourcing your SDI Master V4L driver? If so, please let me know. It would be really helpful for me.



Anonymous said...

John - how do we get a hold of you if we want to buy that V4l2 driver from you?

Anonymous said...

I am really interested in this. Could you please let me know how to buy this V4L2 drivers?