Friday, June 26, 2009

NEW Tech: Biomimetics Display / MEMS-based Reflective Display

I guess that's what to call it, even the company Mirasol that developed it seems to lack a good name for the technology.

It can rival E-ink and Kent display the cholesteric LCD technology also commonly referred to as E-paper in terms of power efficiently.

"Qualcomm’s mirasol display technology is based on a reflective technology called IMOD (Interferometric MODulation), with MEMS structures at its core. This MEMS–based innovation is both bistable, meaning it is both extremely low power, and highly reflective, meaning the display itself can be seen even in direct sunlight.

By studying and mimicking nature’s processes and structures – a field of study called biomimetics – Qualcomm engineers have developed the nature-inspired mirasol display.

Humans view the world by sensing the light reflecting from various surfaces. As a result, a reflected image, from paper for instance, is more appealing and easier to view for the human eye, compared to a backlit image. Because of human perception, and mirasol displays efficient use of reflected light, the future of mobile devices is now."

Here is the link: Mirasol display

Here are the White Papers that were in there Press Kit, broken out from the HUGE zip file they had. It's a terrible web site.
Color Pixel Optimization 368K
Competitive_Display_Technologies 687K
Energy_Metrics 358K
Operating_Principles_IMOD_Drive 491K
Tech_Overview 665K
Value_Proposition 611K
I tried contacting then and they have not yet gotten back to me.

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