Sunday, November 15, 2009

Collaborate, promote distribute across The internet

This is a collage of small and upcoming video related web sites that I have run across.

Livestream (formerly known as Mogulus), the production control room was one fixed location, and all collaborators in the process had to be in the same building. Remote cameras for communication were possible, but also expensive since they required satellite feeds.

Older Mogulus commercial, very cool.

Livestream can mix videos from several sources such as web cams, video clips from YouTube, user content into your own live TV program in real-time and broadcast live.
A production team can be scattered in locations around the world, and still work together as if they were in the same room, a virtual news studio in a sense. Satellite feeds are obsolete, since remote cameras are now inexpensive and easy.
It also supports animated television graphics and can look like a major network broadcast using it graphics library that includes a ticker, bumper, lower third name, and logo bug.

Other live free flash based video streaming sites are:

Stickam offers live streaming video and claims to be the largest live streaming social network.


Other interesting sites are:

Qik is mobile application that allows you to stream live video from your cell phone and broadcast live.

AnyClip allows you to find any moment from any film, instantly.

SoundCloud is similar to Livestream for audio. It's online audio platform caters to music professionals enabling them to collaborate, promote distribute their music. SoundCloud provides a efficient and simple way for music professionals to exchange music they are involved with in private settings allowing for easy collaboration and communication prior to a public release.

From the Big Brother dept.

Affective Interfaces Uses a webcam and emotion sensing technology,  to capture customer’s facial expressions in response a product and can help uncover non rational influences affecting decisions of purchase and engagement.  It will apply statistical data gathering to bring some understanding of how people are feeling a  brand, products and messaging.

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