Friday, November 27, 2009

Inside Netflix

Some Stats for Netflix.

58 Distribution centers.
10 Million customers.
750,000 new customers in the "last six months" this was said around April 09.
46 Million DVD's in it's whole catalog.
2.2 Million movies every day get's processed.
$300 Million annual mail shipping costs.

It looks like it's about 1000 DVD per employee. 180,000 DVD average in the Fremont CA. distribution center, and 180 employees working there.

See video clips below:
Nightline on Netflix

USA TODAY Visits Netflix | Jefferson Graham
USA TODAY's Jefferson Graham visits Netflix's distribution center in Fremont, California to see how some 200,000 DVDs are returned, processed and shipped back out. Behind the scenes at a Netflix distribution center.

Netflix distribution center's look inside the Netflix Northwest distribution center.

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