Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Inside the JAKKS Pacific Eyeclops Mini Projector

The EyeClops Mini Projector sells for around $100 as a toy.

It takes in composite video. The picture quality is so so, the color was inconsistent across the projected field due to misalignment of the LED light-source. But for a $100 toy who cares.

Somewhere I misplaced my notes, I had reverse engineered most of the Boards. If I find them I will update this page.

I was never able to track down the actual light valve. It's most likely a reflective LCOS, not DPL because of the price. Still I wish I knew who make it and where to get them for some other projects I am working on.

Click on an image to see full-size original. 


Anonymous said...

did you ever find your notes? I'm curious about the LED driver circuit. I see three identical sets of transistors and some other parts in there too. I know they are part of it, but more interested in the specifics.

John Sokol said...

Unfortunatly they are most likely lost for ever. I already gave away the projector. There wasn't much of an LED driver, the primary chip was video drivers.