Thursday, November 18, 2010

Video & Audio recording in the browser.

Well I have been researching capture audio and video in a web application.

The one thing I want to do is avoid having users install native applications on the users PC to run.

In addition the thought of having to write and maintain 3 different version of the application, one for Windows, another for OS X and yet another for Linux is not very appealing.

Each OS has it's own different development tools and libraries and so it would require 3 different code trees.

I had hopes for the SDL library which I have had success in making a video player with a  single code base that compiles and run on all three OS's.   Unfortunately SDL can not capture audio or video, it's really intended for game developers.

So I have found some more attractive alternative that run in the browser.

First I will mention Mozilla Labs, Rainbow which I have a lot of hopes for but it's not ready for Prime time.

"The Rainbow add-on for Firefox is an early developer prototype that enables web developers to access local video and audio recording capabilities using just a few lines of JavaScript."

The other 2 options is Flash and Java.  Both of these work quite well and are mature.

Flash requires writing code in actionscript. 
There may be opensource compilers available but before it required buying the macromedia tools. 

Java also provides a good solution, but capturing is poorly documented.

C# and Active X may also be able to do this, but it's Microsoft only solution that will only work in MSIE.

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