Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fwd: Orad provides virtual ads and a permanent stereoscopic virtual studio

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Press Release

June 28, 2011


Brazil's TV Globo extends virtual advertisement deal with Orad until 2017 

Orad Hi-Tec Systems Limited (Symbol: OHT), a world leading provider of real-time video graphic solutions has been chosen to provide its ADVision virtual advertising solution to leading Brazilian broadcaster TV Globo for the next 5 years. TV Globo is the largest TV station in Brazil and one of the largest in the world. TV Globo owns the rights to broadcast many sports events locally and internationally.


With Orad's ADVision virtual advertising solution, TV Globo will be able to precisely place virtual ads during their sport and other live events, including football, car racing, volley ball, the Brazilian Carnival etc.  As part of the new agreement TV Globo will be using ADVision in its Sao Paulo, Rio and other major TV Globo Branches across Brazil.


"This agreement is a result  of Orad's efforts to increase its dominance in Brazil and in sports broadcasts prior to the World Cup and Olympic Games in Rio"; Avi Sharir, CEO and President of Orad Hi-Tec Systems. "The current operations resulted in a substantial annual revenue for both TV Globo and Orad, and based on the extension of the agreement for additional site and the new capabilities that ADVision brings  we are  hoping  to increase our yearly revenues in the coming period. "


For more about ADVision, please go to: www.orad.tv/products/advision

Press Release

June 28, 2011


NEXT TV and Orad break new ground with permanent stereoscopic virtual studio


With Orad's innovative broadcasting technology, Polish broadcasters, NEXT TV have broken new ground by broadcasting from a permanent, stereoscopic, virtual studio.


By combining Orad's Virtual Studio and Stereographic solutions, NEXT TV can easily set up their stereoscopic production. NEXT TV's Panasonic cameras produce two 1080i signals for each eye. The camera data is then tracked by Orad's DVP which calculates the cameras' positions directly from the Panasonic camera. A single Orad HDVG is configured to produce and key internally separate 1080i left and right eye signals. Orad's' unique stereo controller then allows the operator to ensure an exact match between the stereo properties of the virtual studio and the real studio.


The end result is an accurate, real time stereoscopic production.


NEXT TV will also be using Orad's stereographic technology in its new TV station. NEXT TV will be producing 3 channels that will be in full 3D HD.


"NEXT TV is thrilled to implement such an advanced technology. We pride ourselves in providing our viewers with the most exciting and compelling broadcasts and with Orad as our partners we will continue to be on cutting edge of broadcast technology",  Karolina Szymańska, CEO, NEXT TV.


About Orad Hi-Tec Systems

Orad Hi-Tec Systems is a world leading provider of real time 3D broadcast video solutions, including; news, channel branding, sports production and enhancement, special events, virtual studios, and virtual advertisement. Orad's compelling solutions streamline production workflow, enhance viewer experience and improve production value.

Founded in 1993, Orad is a public company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (OHT). For more information, visit www.orad.tv


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