Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Muzee Internet Radio and TV, Poper IVD, Black

I don't know if these guys are legit or violating copyrights.  They seems to be selling quite a few, but no one is talking about them yet.  If it's everything they say then they have a massive amount of content available.

If anyone knows anything please leave a comment. 


 MUZEE Corporation─World’s No.1 Internet multimedia platform
As a subsidiary under E-United Group; the biggest private steel group in Taiwan; MUZEE Corporation was founded in 2003 by a team with superior background on electrical industry, MUZEE has been specializing at developing related Internet Multi-media as well as providing services like global marketing, product design and licensing.
 Provided the newest cloud computing
MUZEE provides over 20,000 internet radio stations, 5,000 internet TV channels, 100,000 internet videos, 10,000 internet news, 10,000 internet games, 200,000 internet e-Books and 10,000 internet magazines from 210 different countries in our products. MUZEE owns a patent on merging internet multimedia thru USB dongle which auto-run feature.
 The leading brand of Internet Services platform
MUZEE co-works with companies from different fields like media devices, MP3 Player, SD card, UMPC... etc. to provide consumers the latest technology and enjoy the service. MUZEE also devoted to combine with other multiple OS and platform integration, we provided internet radio stations, TV channels, eBooks and games with Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone smart phones, MUZEE gives people a chance to enter the Internet multimedia world and address new values to our life.


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