Monday, August 08, 2011

Netflix Ready Device Platform (NRDP)

The Netflix Ready Device Platform (NRDP) is a software development kit used by internal and external partners to integrate Netflix into CE (consumer electronics) devices.  The technologies, features, tools, and documentation in the NRDP are continually improved to enable the best possible Netflix experience while simplifying and accelerating the partner integration process.

A google on this will find a number of job listings, and few resume's and little else

What is amazing to me is each company that wishes to support Netflix on their device must port the code themselves and meet compliance requirements & tests.

Youtube seems to be following suite also, but at least the technology they use is standards based and using HTML5 or Flash.

It seems long overdue that Set Top Box makers, and now Connected TV/Smart TV makers come up with a standard. Some sort of  "Plug in" or way to support 3rd party applications rather then having teams of developers in house at each company to basically support each new web streaming provider.  With Walmart and amazon and many others coping Netflix this is going to become a real drain of resources and replicated efforts.  I guess I shouldn't complain because it is keeping developers employed.

I did find a few interesting sites:

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