Monday, October 31, 2011

Fwd: License Plate Capture Camera From CCTVSTARS

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From: Elva <>
Date: 2011/10/31
Subject: Re:License Plate Capture Camera From CCTVSTARS
To: John Sokol <>

Hello,John Sokol ,
Good day to you! Wish everything goes very well in your side.
Announcing!!  our Professional  License Plate Capture Cameras is coming now.

Capture images of the number plate 24 hours a day without any need for adjustment or re-calibration. This includes both bright sunlight and night-time operation.
High Contrast Image
High-contrast imaging performance that delivers sharp, clear license-plate captures, even of vehicles at 25MPH, in bad weather, and in low-light conditions.

Powerful IR
Its powerful IR functionality and IR-corrected lens deliver perfect image captures and outstanding images all day long. It is also equipped with a high-power LED to help minimize energy usage.

Wide Range Capture
Its built-in 9-22mm lens captures a wide 2-15m field.

Rain Guard/Extendable Sunshield
The camera's rain guard and extendable sunshield minimize the effects of rain and sunlight on image quality.

Easy Installation
The cable-management bracket enables easy installation in any location, including walls, surfaces, and ceilings.

Please feel free to let me know your any questions or problems, we are always at your requests.
Overseas Sales Manager

Shenzhen Rcstars Technology Co., LTD
Address: Floor 1, C3 Building, Shahe Industry District,
Nanshan District, ShenZhen, China, 518000

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