Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Illusions in the Web: a real-time video editor built in HTML5 | Mateu Batle's Blog


Illusions in the Web: a real-time video editor built in HTML5

From the article:
I am excited to blog about the current project I am working on and deeply enjoying. In Collabora, we have developed a tech demo of a simple video editor application running in the WebKit based web browser using HTML5 video technology. Well to be honest, not just plain HTML5 video, but we will get to that point later on. Keep in mind it is not a fully functional application, just a demo with some basic functionality like:
  • Media library browser for images and videos.
  • Drag and drop clips to build the media timeline.
  • Set the inpoint and outpoint for each video clip.
  • Real-time seamless preview of the media timeline.
  • Basic touch based interface, although there is room for a lot of improvement here.
The main advantage is that all processing is done locally and all the data is kept locally too, so no need to upload all the source material to a server or download the final video from a server, which might take some time specially when working with HD resolutions. Another nice feature is that you can actually preview the final video in real-time, instead of waiting for the server to process it.

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