Monday, February 27, 2012

Nokia Launches 41-MP Camera Phone At MWC 2012 - Personal-tech - Smart Phones - Informationweek

I'm a fan of Nokia and their "won't die/can't kill" phones. I have wait years for a decent replacement phone. You can barely read the numbers on the dialpad, I have used it so much.

Android was barely useful, and a crappy phone; Never mind that I own two (2) Samsungs (SPH-MD580 & SCH-R720). I like that Nokias have a native "phone" OS. It behaves like a phone, not a CLI (Command Line Interface), or a broken version of MS Word®.

I predict, if this phone survives the initial market release, it will be the new standard for camera phones.

41 (forty-one megapixels !!!)


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