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Fwd: $50,000 film budget XXXXX

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Date: Wed, May 23, 2012 at 6:12 AM
Subject: $50,000 budget XXXXX
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John -

I told you previously how you could do XXXXX for
$50,000 or even less utilizing some of the techniques that you can see
at the successful (7 seasons, 50 full episodes) "Hidden Frontier"
website (which is basically filmed for free in the guy's home using
"Green Screen" techniques).

But now, Mark Zicree (one of the writers from "Star Trek", "Babylon 5"
and "Sliders", etc.) has teamed up with one of the "Battlestar
Galactica" directors and they're shooting their own movie for about
$75,000 with special effects equivalent to "Avatar" and they told
everyone how they did on one of the most recent (in the last week)
"Coast to Coast" shows right here (they start about 12 minutes in):

Here's the Kickstarter page - looks like they got their $75,000 in 3 days:

And here's a really good page on it:

And, as a reminder, here's the original "Hidden Frontier" page with
all 50 some episodes (I point out that their writers are nowhere close
to Marc Zicree above, but it's the techniques I wanted you to study).

Their other more recent series also use the same techniques:

Anyway, Marc Zicree and his team raised $75,000 in 3 days flat this
week at Kickstarter and they're now pushing for $150,000, but,
honestly, they had planned to be able to shoot their project for as
low as $50,000 if necessary, so they've got enough to do it right now
and they're definitely going to finish this thing which proves my
point again:

Yes, if you follow Marc's (or the "Hidden Frontier") approach as
described above, you can most definitely shoot the "9 Billion Names of
God" for about $50,000 or less and still come out with a quality film.


So now you know how to do it.

So if you were really serious about actually making XXXX all
along, then there's now no excuse.  Since it will now hardly cost
anything, all you have to do now is to start it BUT you have to also

Or to quote Yoda, "There is no 'try'.  There is only do."

Something for you to think about.

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