Saturday, May 26, 2012

Video Dance Floor -- LED Dance Foor light

I just thought this was really cool.  It's probably cheap enough to tile walls with it.

LED Video Dance floor is a new digital terrestrial Display device.You can display any video/flash (all files inside your computer) to our LED video dance floor through our control system, the virtual completion of the stage scenery Interaction with the perfect combination of performance; It uses a high strength resin Mask, the support of solid aluminum die-casting equipment, big load-bearing capacity , easy to connect, can be directly stampede with highly performance protective structure, can be connected seamlessly Next panel, random combinations. The product is suitable for performance, for example: disco stage, concert and, etc.
31DMX channels
Auto / Sound operation
8 groups of r/g/b LEDs
Lamp: 720pcs 10mm LEDs(R240/G240/B240)
 3 pin XLR serial input/output
 3 pin power supply input/output
 Input voltage: AC90-250V/50-60Hz
 Fuse: T3.15A ,
 Max Power Consumption: 80VA
 Stand alone and master/slave , Auto, sound-activated
  R,G,B Additive Color Mixing
* Dimensions (LxWxH): 100cmx 100cmx 15cm
* Gross Weight: 35kgs
NEW LED Video Dance Floor P31.25 for Stage Indoor Light,LED Screen Display,Curtain Screen,LED Vedio Screen

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