Tuesday, September 10, 2013

HeyWatch | Video Encoding


Looks interesting.  I am amazed how much energy there seems to be in the video transcoding market.  This tells me we screwed up the formats for so many people to want to transcode in the cloud. 

Begin forwarded message:

From: Eric Fontaine <eric@particle-s.com>
Date: September 10, 2013, 10:00:42 AM PDT
Subject: Scheduling a meeting

Dear X,

My name is Eric Fontaine and I work at HeyWatch, pioneer in professional, cloud-based video transcoding since 2006.

I am contacting you as we both work in the online video industry and thought that you might be interested in knowing more about our professional, cloud-based video encoding platform. Actually, outsourcing video encoding to the cloud brings huge benefits:

  • Freeing yourself from maintaining a dedicated encoding/transcoding server farm.
  • Paying only for what you use, rather than having to maintain a fixed number of servers no matter how large or small your actual demand is.
  • Economies of scale, faster deployment and format responsiveness.
  • Drastically reducing capital expenditures: no need to hire more IT people, to buy new hardware and software, to pay licensing fees for using specific codecs...
  • Avoiding technical headaches and focusing on core and value-added activities: acquiring new customers and recruiting great partners.

Feel free to run as many tests as you need - for free (no credit card required) - thanks to our Sandbox environment.

Whether Broadcast, Mobile or Web, HeyWatch has been providing its powerful cloud Video Encoding Software, flexible HTTP Live Streaming and engaging Video Preview API to hundreds of startups and large organizations including Sony, Rightster, Tumblr, Fotolia, Unruly Media, SchoolTube, Kit Digital, Kickapps, Digedu, Mindsy, Dotsub and Flavorus among many others for the past 6 years.

Please X, let me know when you are available.


  Eric Fontaine

VP Business
HeyWatch | Video Encoding

HeyWatch | Video Encoding Service

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