Thursday, August 06, 2020

Qualcomm drops a BOMB on the VR Industry

Qualcomm had a press announcement this morning and the embargos have finally dropped. We are in for an entirely new wave of VR like we have ever seen. This.. is very well what we could have called VR 2.0 way back, but it's nothing like what I had expected. Over 15 companies have decided to work together for VR to go mainstream along with 5g adaptations. Lets see where this goes! new headsets, 5g, wireless, cheap.. exciting.

Here what i covered today:

Qualcomm press anounement regarding AR and VR ( XR ):

HTC Former CEO forms a new VR company (XRSpace; Mova):

XRSpace Ready Player One like VR world:

Ford VR designed car:

HP reverb G2 leaks:

Blastworld SteamVR page:

Outtro music artist:
Protostar- Overdrive

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