Wednesday, August 12, 2020

What is OSVR?

OSVR presentation at Boston VR meetup Jul 2015

OSVR Software Framework - Core - April 2015

 OSVR is an open-source software platform for virtual and augmented reality. It allows discovery, configuration and operation of hundreds of VR/AR devices and peripherals. OSVR supports multiple game engines, and operating systems and provides services such as asynchronous time warp and direct mode in support of low-latency rendering. OSVR software is provided free under Apache 2.0 license and is maintained by Sensics.

Looks like this was all starting in the 2016 VR Boom and Sensics founded in the late 1990’s for VR development looks like the website went down in the middle of 2019, Their domain was dead and now hijacked. Yuval Boger the CEO left Feb 2018.

Sometime quite a while ago (early 2018 maybe?) I was informed in a personal email conversation with a Razer employee that Razer’s team was no longer focusing on OSVR, and instead had directed their efforts to supporting OpenXR.
More recently, I was directed to this tweet by former Sensics employee JeroMiya, which seems to indicate that Sensics, the other major OSVR partner, has dissolved.

What is OSVR?
OSVR or Open Source Virtual Reality is a software platform that allows different types of VR technologies to reside on the same ecosystem. This means end to end compatibility across different brands and devices, allowing you to use any OSVR supported HMDs, controllers and other technologies together, giving you the ability to customize the combination of hardware you’d like to use.

Think of OSVR as a software that allows you to customize your VR rig the same way you can customize your PC. When buying a PC it doesn’t matter what brand of monitor, printer, keyboard, graphics card or CPU you want to use – they all work together, allowing you to get a truly customized experience.

This is what OSVR is driving for the VR industry and to date it is the world’s most supported open VR ecosystem. It puts the power of choice in your hands.

NOLO Instructions: Use NOLO with OCULUS DK2 to play SteamVR

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