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Opens Regional Asian-Pacific Office in Japan

Milan,  22 December 2008 – TVBLOB™ (www.tvblob.com), a software and services development company with a TV-centric platform that brings the power of the Web to TV, without a PC, announced the opening of an Asian-Pacific division and the appointment of Tre Zimmerman as VP Sales & Marketing. Targeting the Consumer Electronics industry, Mr. Zimmerman will bring TVBLOB's extensive software platform and integrated backend services to the heart of CE, making possible a new generation of hybrid TV - Internet devices and enabling new television business models that follow the proven successes of the Web.

Through a new kind of Internet set-top box called BLOBbox™, TVBLOB gives consumers new TV possibilities including blended DVB-T and WebTV access; HD video podcast subscriptions with automated BitTorrent® downloads; access to Web services such as YouTube®, Picasa®, and Miro®; consolidated PVR, time-shifting, and video archiving functionalities; and even TV-to-TV  content sharing and video communications, all using standard televisions and broadband connections.

For the CE industry, the TVBLOB software platform that underlies BLOBbox is already integrated on major chipsets and enables the fastest time-to-market for next generation TV devices. It offers several advantages including a fully W3C-compliant, Java-based Web browser able to support all current TV standards including MHP/DVB, Blue Ray, and Thru2way (previously OCAP); a range of Javascript extensions allowing developers to leverage the television platform

features; Client-side services including File transfer, Podcast, and BitTorrent® engines; Backend Services including box management, events recording, NAT traversal, and single user sign-on; as well as BLOBkit™ development resources and a Development Community (called “the BLOBforge™ “)to accelerate the creation of new TV services without a middleman, so that anyone can realize the next killer application on TV and become the next Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg.

“The appointment of Tre represents a critical step in our growth, as the heart of the CE lies in Asia-Pacific," said Fabrizio Caffarelli, founder and CEO of TVBLOB. "We have envisioned a new television world for sometime now and consumers expect this to come from CE. His notable experience in this market, managerial capacity, and drive are well adapted to our objective to work with CE manufacturers to bring forward a new range of Consumer Electronic devices for a new world of TV."

Mr. Zimmerman’s principal function will be to launch TVBLOB Asian-Pacific commercial operations and develop business with CE manufacturers, content producers and service providers. He has been in the digital technology industry for over 10 years specializing in mobile media & emerging technologies. Over his career, Mr. Zimmerman has served in a variety of senior management and corporate development positions at Nero, Extreme Media Pte., SID Information Technologies, and Gateway KK.

The TVBLOB Asian-Pacific office is located in Yamato-shi, Kanagawa, Japan. For more information, please visit www.tvblob.com.

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