Friday, December 04, 2009

code-named: Keychest from Disney and Apple.

Disney Touts a Way to Ditch the DVD - Wall Street Journal
Purchase of a 'Keychest' Movie Would Allow On-Demand Viewing From Multiple Devices
The technology, code-named Keychest, could contribute to a shift in what it means for a consumer to own a movie or a TV show, by redefining ownership as access rights, not physical possession. 

This is in direct competition with DECE (Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem).

Supposedly, Keychest will use cloud-computing coupled with a physical product (e.g. a DVD), that will only require the person to pay for the rights so that it could be watched on any device.

"Dad has a Zune, Mom has an iPod, there's a Mac and a PC at home and a Roku box; right now, those devices don't talk to one another," the insider said. "We intend to blend those worlds."  from the Hollywood Reporter

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