Friday, December 04, 2009

Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (or DECE)

Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (or DECE)

based around a "rights locker" which will amount to a website where digital purchases will be stored -- we assume this is where VeriSign fits in.  (from article link below)

DECE founding members include: Alcatel Lucent, Best Buy, Cisco, Comcast Corporation, Deluxe Digital, Fox Entertainment Group, HP, Intel, Lionsgate, Microsoft Corporation, NBC Universal, Panasonic, Paramount Pictures, Royal Philips Electronics, Samsung, Sony Corporation, Toshiba, VeriSign Inc., and Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Disney and Apple are absent from the list and appears to have allied to set up a completing service called Keychest.

Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem, the DRM of the future?

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