Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Video based Automotive Wheel Alignment System

The John Bean Visualiner 3D system use 2 camera with Red LED lights around then very similar to the IR Night vision CCTV cameras.

These are aimed at targets that have an image pattern that's black and retro-reflective film.

See article Retroreflective Materials for more info on that.

Many years ago I helped a friend work on a computer based automotive wheel alignment system/ Autobody measurement system.

This was back in the mid 80's and was based on a Commodore 64 computer with Rotary optical encoders with fishing line.

The accuracy requirements were very high and it's a very difficult environment that's hot and cold, dusty, greasy and dirty.

So it's even more impressive to me that the video system can get the needed measurement accuracy, be able to tolerate the dirty environment and be simple enough for no computer people to operate.

It's one thing to make something like this work in the lab, but out in the Auto Mechanics garage is impressive.

These days these targets are very similar to the Augmented reality markers that the AR Toolkit and other video tracking systems can key on.

Product information at:

Visualiner 3D2

Wheel Aligners

Video Targets

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