Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Comcast has been trying to extort money from Netflix.

It seems that for a while now Comcast has been threatening to interfere with Netflix video traffic if they aren't paid an additional Fee. The FCC just wasn't doing anything to enforce Net Neutrality.

Comcast has a long history of abusing it's power as an ISP and the only Internet option available in many locations, consumers have little choice of service and are most completely unaware of the issues that have been taking place.

With selective Internet traffic disruption consumers are more likely to blame a site like Netflix rather then there local ISP that is actually causing the denial of services to it's own customers.

Comcast has a conflict of interest because they see Internet video as a direct threat to their cash cow, premium Cable TV channels, such as Showtime that is also available as VOD on Netflix.

With such a Showtime VOD over the net, Recording shows using a PVR just makes no sense as the shows are just available at any time to watch.

With the popularity of Internet video many people are leaving cable TV in favor of Internet only content.  This is similar to how many people also no longer have Land Line phone servers and only have Internet VOIP or Cell phones for making calls.

See some interesting articles below on this.

From Slashdot 3/1/2011 : Comcast-NBC Deal Accidentally Protects Internet?
"Details of the conditions that the Department of Justice required to approve Comcast's purchase of NBC have emerged today. Blogger Kevin Fogarty looks at the details — Comcast is forbidden from blocking Netflix over its pipes, and must sell NBC shows via iTunes and other similar services — and concludes that Internet access for everybody, including business users, has been protected, more or less by accident."

From DSLReports 2/18/2011: Will FCC Act On Level3 Comcast Dispute?
a request by the cable industry and AT&T that the FCC clarify their position on Comcast's financial dispute with Level3 -- which Level3 insists involves Comcast using their size to impose a new toll on Netflix traffic, but Comcast insists is just a run of the mill peering dispute. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, but it's hard to for anyone to be certain given the agreement between Comcast and Level3 is confidential.

From DSLReports 11/29/2010 : Level3 Accuses Comcast Of Net Neutrality Violation
Level3 today accused Comcast of demanding an additional fee from Level3 to transmit Internet online movies and other content to Comcast customers. According to a Level3 press release, Comcast informed Level3 earlier this month that they'd be requiring the supposedly new recurring fee, which Level3 believes violates not only the FCC's policy statements on neutrality (which have shown to not be worth much on the enforcement front) and Comcast's previous proclaimed dedication to an open Internet.

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