Monday, March 21, 2011

Mobile DTV

Climbing the Mobile DTV Summit
Broadcasters have to make it clear that over-the-air television is an integral part of the new media environment.

I think there is a lack of vision with these industries.

There are many live TV streams using Flash over the Internet now that work great on my Droid Cell phone and I am told work on iPhones too.

Here is a little demo / test to try on your home PC and Cell phones.

Anyhow coming up with different standards and protocols for the "Three Screens"  TV/PC and Cell. Four if you now count table PC/ iPads.

RTSP & RTMP and even MMS can work on all of these screens and there is no need for "special" systems and methods for the Mobile market. In addition there going to make the legal contracts side of this more difficult as well since there will be additional contracts for the Mobile market.

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