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Haptics - 2014 Global Strategic Business Report

The era of tactile computing has resulted in tactile interaction becoming an integral part of the interface design process of electronic devices. Defined as touch based sensory perceptions of texture, temperature, and other physical attributes of an object in a virtual environment, haptic feedback is poised to emerge into the future of human computer interface. Human interaction with computer applications and systems will be dominated by the science of touch largely due to a host of physiological and emotional reasons.

The touchscreen due to its operational simplicity and high utility has gained widespread adoption and today has become almost ubiquitous in smartphones and tablets. The advent of touch screen has greatly contributed towards the simplicity of using advanced electronic devices. Unlike traditional mechanical switches and buttons, touchscreens however do not provide tangible tactile feedback against selection of buttons. This inherent lack of tactile feedback in touchscreens provides the perfect business case for haptic tactile feedback.

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Haptic technology wields a distinct emotional influence that drastically changes user experience of mobile media consumption. By stimulating real world tactile interactions, haptics provides the much important realistic, immersive, and intuitive interaction with electronic devices. Key benefits of haptic technology poised to drive its adoption include improved device usability, enhanced realism, the ability to create contextual awareness, and simulation of physical feedback which is critical for modern touchscreen devices where audio or visual confirmation are often insufficient. Emerging application areas of haptics include smartphones, tablets, virtual keyboards, gaming and media, automotive infotainment, climate control, navigation systems, robotic surgical systems, medical devices, and medical simulators, among others.

With mobile internet coming of age, and with increasing number of people accessing web content from mobile phones, smartphones, and tablet phones, the need to integrate haptics to facilitate mobile interaction is now more critical than ever. The limited screen size of mobile devices coupled with information explosion and screen overload and navigation challenges provides the perfect opportunity for haptics to make an impact. The technology holds the potential to enhance mobile interaction by significantly increasing available screen space. As abstract communication grows in prominence, haptics will witness a parallel rise in popularity as the preferred technology to provide system notifications and feedbacks and context sensitive interaction. Rise in mobile data usage is therefore poised to provide a fertile environment for the growth and proliferation of haptics.

This report analyzes the Global market for Haptics in US$ Million. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for Taiwan, China, and South Korea. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2012 through 2020. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based on public domain information including company URLs.

The report profiles 26 companies including many key and niche players such as:

- AAC Technologies Holdings Inc.
- Artificial Muscle, Inc.
- CyberGlove Systems LLC
- Entact Robotics
- Ergos-Technologies

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Title Index:


Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations
Data Interpretation & Reporting Level
Quantitative Techniques & Analytics
Product Definitions and Scope of Study



A Quick Primer
Key Market Trends, Drivers & Issues
Proliferation of Mobile Internet Drives the Need for Haptic Feedback in Mobile Devices
Opportunity Indicator
Skyrocketing Mobile Video Usage Drives the Business Case for Haptics
Opportunity Indicator
Tactile Computing Revolution Opens a New Window of Opportunity for Haptics
Haptics Emerges As a Key Strategy for Product Differentiation
UltraHaptics to Bring In a New Era of Touchless Touch Screens
Demand for HD Haptics Grows in Parallel to the Need to Enhance User Experience
Wearable Haptics to Make the First Cut Impact on Healthcare
Opportunity Indicator
Possible OEM Adoption of Morphing Touch Screen Technology to Fuel Future Growth
Proliferation of Touchscreens, Touch Surfaces & Their Inherent UI Limitations Amplify Interest in Haptics
Opportunity Indicators
Adoption of Touch Screens in Public Shared Devices: An Attractive Opportunity for Growth
Haptic Technology Boosts Gaming Experience to a New Level
Rise in Mobile Gaming Opens a Lucrative Niche for Haptics in the Gaming Industry
Emerging Market Opportunities in Key Application Areas
Developments in Robotic Technology Powers Demand for Haptics
Opportunity Indicators
Increasing Activity in Nuclear Power Sector to Power Growth in the Haptics Market
Opportunity Indicator
Haptics in the Military & Defense Sector: A Review
Intelligent Automotive Technologies to Spur Demand for Haptics in the Automotive End-Use Sector
Robotic Surgery, Medical Prosthetics & Simulated Training Drive Adoption of Haptics in the Healthcare Sector
Strong Focus on Industrial Automation Drives Interest in Haptics
Development of New Generation Automated Aircrafts Drives Demand for Haptics in Commercial Flight Simulation Equipment
Haptics Set to Revolutionize Molecular Biology & Cellular Research
Market Outlook


Haptics: A Definition
Types of Haptic Feedback:
Tactile Feedback:
Force Feedback:
First Generation Haptics
Second Generation Haptics:
Third Generation Haptics:
Fourth Generation Haptics:
Advantages of Using Haptics
Reduction in Work Time:
Realistic Modeling of Virtual World:
Enhances Confidence and Effectiveness in Medicine:
Challenges in Haptics Usage
Energy Consumption Issues
Aesthetics and Design Constraints
Dimension Constraints
Design Complexity
Personnel Training
Implementation Issues
Notable Technology Developments:
Piezoelectric Actuators Emerge as the Preferred Choice
Reverse-Electrovibration Technology Creates Ripples
Surface Coverage Haptics: A New Technology in the Making
Redux's Bulldog: A Preview of What's to Come!
Haptics: Technology Enablers
Inertial Actuation:
Piezo Actuation:
Surface Actuation:
Lateral Actuation:
Electro-Active Polymer Actuation:
Bending Wave Actuation:
Capacitive Electrosensory Interface (CEI):


Immersion Finalizes Licensing Agreement with Tokai Rika
University of Guelph and Hyphen Finalize Technology Sharing Agreement
Immersion Extends Haptic Technology to Sharp
Samsung Inks Licensing Agreement with Immersion
NTT DOCOMO'sTablet Implements HD Reverb Software of Immersion
Texas Instruments Collaborates with Immersion for Introducing Two Integrated Amplifiers
HiWave Enters into a Worldwide Distribution Agreement with RS Components
Geomagic Takes Over Sensable's Haptics and 3D Design Businesses
Immersion's Haptic Solution to Enhance the Design of Kia Sedan
Immersion Solution Provides Haptic-Enabled Interface for DOCOMO MEDIAS Smartphone andTablet
Immersion's Haptic Solution Delivers High-Definition Haptic Effects in Pantech ElementTablet
Immersion Announces Fujitsu Smartphone Featuring Haptic Technology
Synaptics to Design a Touchscreen Incorporating Tactile Feedback on Smartphone
AAC Acoustic Technologies Becomes AAC Technologies Holdings Inc
Immersion Partners Texas Instruments on New Hi-Fidelity Haptic Reference Design
Immersion Inks Licensing Agreement with BMS
Synaptics Enters into Collaboration with Google


Novasentis Unveils Clic® Family of Actuators for Localized Haptics
Fujitsu Launches PrototypeTablet with Haptic Feedback
Mide Technology Launches SHIVRT Range of Piezoelectric Haptic Actuators
Immersion Rolls Out Haptic Muse Application on Google Play
Bayer MaterialScience Announces ViviTouchT for Consumer Electronics
Immersion Integrates Haptic SDK with Three Game Development Platforms
Johnson Electric Expands the Haptic Actuator Range
Microsoft Envisions New 3D Touchscreen with Haptic Feedback
Texas Instruments Develops DRV2667
Texas Instruments Launches DRV2605
Texas Instruments Launches MSP430T Microcontrollers
Senseg Launches First Ever Feelscreen Product
HiWave Introduces FarinaT Platform
Harris Corporation Launches RedHawkT
Cypress Semiconductor Launches Programmable Radio-on-a-Chip- User Interface
Fujitsu Launches Raku-Raku Smart Phone
Immersion Rolls Out Updated Haptic Development Platform
Immersion Introduces HD Integrator with High Fidelity Haptic Capabilities
Samsung Rolls Out Samsung Galaxy with Auto Haptic Feature
Apple Introduces Layered Haptics System
Johnson Electric Introduces the New HA110 Haptic Actuator
Microchip Introduces New Controllers for Haptic Feedback
IDT Successfully Demonstrates First Ever Touch-Over-AUX Embedded DisplayPort 1.3 (eDPT)-based TCON
IDT Launches First Multi-Touch Single Layer Touch Screen Controller IC
Atmel Announces Integration of Haptics Technology to QTouch Capacitive Touch Controllers
KDDI Recreates Sensation of Buttons on Touchscreen Phone (Japan)
Inspired Launches Sophisticated Multi-Win-Roulette 4.0
Texas Instruments Launches DRV8662 Piezo Haptic Driver
Senseg Introduces Feel Screen Haptic Touchscreen Displays


AAC Technologies Holdings Inc. (China)
Artificial Muscle, Inc. (US)
CyberGlove Systems LLC (USA)
Entact Robotics (Canada)
Ergos-Technologies (France)
Force Dimension (Switzerland)
Geomagic Inc., (USA)
Haption SA (France)
Immersion Corporation (USA)
Moog Inc. (USA)
MPB Technologies Inc. (Canada)
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Novint Technologies Inc. (USA)
Novasentis, Inc. (US)
Quanser Inc. (Canada)
Redux ST (UK)
Reachin Technologies AB (Sweden)
Senseg (Finland)
Tactus Technology, Inc. (USA)
Tangible Haptics, LLC (USA)
Tactical Haptics, LLC (US)




Total Companies Profiled: 26 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries 26)
The United States (14)
Canada (3)
Japan (1)
Europe (7)
France (2)
The United Kingdom (1)
Rest of Europe (4)
Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (1)


Electronic (Single User): EUR 3349
Electronic (1 - 5 Users): EUR 4688
Electronic (1 - 10 Users): EUR 6362
Electronic (1 - 15 Users): EUR 8037

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