Friday, May 02, 2014

National Vehicle Location Service

Vigilant Solutions has positioned itself as a transparent support operation for law enforcement — employing a very specific tool, the National Vehicle Location Service and a facial recognition service — but the user agreement each agency must sign makes it very clear: Vigilant doesn’t want media attention.
“You shall not create, publish, distribute, or permit any written, electronically transmitted or other form of publicity material that makes reference to LEARN or this Agreement without first submitting the material to LEARN-NVLS and receiving written consent from LEARN-NVLS,” the document states, according to Wired.
LEARN stands for Law Enforcement Archival and Reporting Network and is Vigilant’s online portal where license plate data and images are aggregated and analyzed for law enforcement to access. The agreement continues: ”This prohibition is specifically intended to prohibit users from cooperating with any media outlet to bring attention to LEARN or LEARN-NVLS. Breach this provision may result in LEARN-NVLS immediately termination of this Agreement upon notice to you [sic].”

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