Thursday, May 08, 2014

URBANSCREEN | Projection Mapping The Interior Of A Massive Gas tank

 What do you do with an empty, 112-meter high,  gas storage tank?

URBANSCREEN is based in Bremen, Germany. Established in 2005, their team currently consists of eight contributors, artists brought together from different disciplines representing architecture, music, stage design and media-art.
Large-scale projection on urban surfaces is their creative company's field of activity. They conceive and produce custom-made, site-specific media installations using high artistic standards and an interdisciplinary approach to stylistic devices. The main focus of their approach is to take up existent or inherent structures of architecture, its thematic context and surroundings. Through an architectural staging, they examine the intersection of a site’s concept of space, location, and appearance. Tailored site-specific projection procedures enable them to interlink various media – such as computer-generated imagery, artificial illumination and dance performance – in order to characterize architecture and the versatile levels of it that can be experienced vis-à-vis a building itself.

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