Friday, March 09, 2012

3DX: New 3D Technology Changing How Big Brands Advertise


March 09, 2012

3DX: New 3D Technology Changing How Big Brands Advertise

Los Angeles, CA – The concept of 3D print advertising has always been a no-brainer: if the message is more entertaining, it should stand out and drive better results.  Then why hasn't 3D become a strong and major channel for companies looking to grab potential customers' attention? 
The answer is remarkably simple: it's hard to impress anyone with technology that has been in use for over 60 years.  Even when the print world expanded into ads on computers and mobile devices, when it came to 3D, companies were still relying on the same tired anaglyphs that utilized the old red/cyan glasses that were iconic in the 1950s.  Yet year after year, big brands have continued testing this medium, with recent examples including Sports Illustrated, Playboy, Vogue, and even the Kardashians.  Regardless of the topic, this dated technology has a limit, and with that boundary comes limited image depth, ghosting, poor color management, and annoying eyestrains.
That's where Los Angeles based tech company 3DX has come in and already made its mark on the advertising world.  As 3DX CEO Ziggy Kormandel sees it, there isn't a place for old technology in today's world. "It amazed me that today's consumer – who is no stranger to voicing his or her opinion – was basically giving 3D a free pass," he said. "Yet these are the same people who line up to pay an extra $5-10 to see a 3D movie.  We found that disconnect fascinating and aimed to bridge the gap between 3D expectations and actual performance."  3DX ventured into the print space with a direct mail test that featured its patented Phantaglyph® technology, and the conversion rates immediately told Kormandel that the hunger for a higher-quality 3D product was out there.  "Our Phantaglyphs® are unreal; they're stunning 3D images that rise off a printed page, tablet, or mobile device like a holograph in a sci-fi movie.  If someone wants their brand to literally stand out, we can make it happen."
The level of 3DX's quality and expertise has already attracted some of the most known names out there today.  After successful projects with Sony and Honda, world-renowned direct marketing company Guthy-Renker™ was impressed as well and recently brought 3DX in on a campaign featuring one of the biggest names in music and entertainment today.
"3DX's technology is intriguing and with our celebrity spokesperson roster and social activation goals, exploring the incorporation of 3D imagery was an exciting and innovative step for us," said Corrie Murphy, Vice President of PR and Social Media for Guthy-Renker. "The 3D images are eye-catching and represent something new for our brand."
Kormandel is already viewing the landscape and planning his next moves. "3DX's technology allows brands to take their normal methods of marketing and add an extra level of entertainment.  We're not finding many limits either. From mobile games and applications to cereal boxes, 3D floor rugs, and even the next evolution of pop-up books, we're able to capture attention faster and better.  Who wouldn't want that?"
To learn more about 3DX and receive a free pair of 3D glasses to experience the technology, visit

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