Friday, March 30, 2012

Magical HTML5 moustache.

Introducing HTML5: Video and Audio

magical HTML5 moustache.
This is a cool AR application.  One that put's
moustache's on people.  Yea I know some webcams come with software to do that.

HTML5 can do AR, meaning you can use your camera phone to point to a web site and run applications that to image processing tricks.

That ability to completely change in an out the AR engine from a URL changes everything.
Since HTML5 based software isn't locked in to legacy libraries and drivers and the massive web of version compatible issues that come with it.

I only hope the HTML5 people keep their act together.

So far the most important function for being able to capture video in HTML5 is:


This only works in Opera by default.  In Chrome you need to run a command line argument --enable-media-stream to enable it.

I was surprise to see that the  NVIDIA 3D Vision system used HTML5 exclusively for playback of Youtube 3D videos.

LINKS on getUserMedia

LINKS on HTML5 Augmented Reality  (sample AR application in HTML for Mobile)

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