Monday, June 11, 2012

Cloud storage for IP cameras.

Cameramanager Cloud

Cameramanager Cloud is the solution for online camera security. With Cameramanager Cloud you can view online live camera images, store image online in our datacenter and 24/7 receive alarm on motion detection.

How does it work?

At your location (shop, office or home) we place IP cameras. These cameras will be connected to your existing Internet connection. Via the online portal you can watch your cameras 24/7 via PC or mobile phone. Recording are safely stored in the datacenter so no local recorder is needed.

What are the advantages?

- Works on existing Internet connection
- Online access to camera images
- Quick and easy setup
- No local recorder needed
- No maintenance costs
- User-friendly application
- Minimum 24 hour storage per camera
- Low investments per location
- Ideal for companies with multiple locations

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ip cameras said...

One amazing thing abiut ip cam is that they are easily accessible from anywhere