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March 2012
DSE 2012 Booth
At the Digital Signage Expo 2012 (March 8-9, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada), 3M Touch Systems exhibited a wide variety of multi-touch products, ranging from sleek desktop displays to robust chassis displays to a 46" concept table and a 32" optically-bonded display. Check out our YouTube video highlighting the show.
Information on these 3M multi-touch desktop and chassis displays can be found at .
To see many of these products in action, visit one of these upcoming trade shows:
In the continuing series of how multi-touch interactivity is quickly becoming an integral requirement for many traditionally single touch applications, now available is the latest Application Story installment "Success Story: Product Selector". This story provides an overview of a cell phone retailer's use of large-format multi-touch displays to speed up the assisted sales process.
While you're visiting our web site, consider reviewing these recent additions:
Success Story
The 18.5-inch 3M Multi-Touch Display M1866PW takes interactive display technology to the next level by combining uncompromising multi-touch performance, brilliant high-definition graphics, wide viewing angles and elegant product design into a fully-integrated, easy-to-use, plug-and-play multi-touch desktop device. The M1866PW display incorporates 3M Projected Capacitive Technology and offers full multi-touch capabilities with less than 6 millisecond response time for 20 simultaneous touches. This means fast, accurate touch response over the entire touch surface. One popular application for the M1866PW display is this portrait configuration (shown) for interactive point-of-purchase applications. It's an ideal size for retail end caps, product shelves, or other retail venues where display space is at a premium. Click for information on the M1866PW multi-touch display.

The best way to evaluate 3M Touch Systems technology and products is to "touch and test them", so click here to see the international exhibition list for an upcoming event in your region.
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