Saturday, July 12, 2014

Flexible Organic Image sensor company ISORG just raised 6.4M Euro.

Bpifrance, Sofimac CEA Investissement Partners, and unnamed angel investors, participate in ISORG financing round totaling 6.4M euros. The new funds will enable ISORG, which already operates a pre-industrial pilot line in Grenoble, build a new production line to start volume manufacturing in 2015, and deploy internationally.

The French company ISORG is the abbreviation of Image Sensor ORGanic.

ISORG is the pioneer company in organic and printed electronics for large area photonics and image sensors.

ISORG gives vision to all surfaces with his disruptive technology converting plastic and glass into a smart surface able to see.

ISORG vision is to become the leader company for opto-electronics systems in printed electronics, developing and mass manufacturing large area optical sensors for the medical, industrial and consumer markets.

Imagine arrays of small low res cameras covering the walls like wall paper. 
It would be a reverse holodeck allowing for 360 deg light-field camera imaging.

Plastic Logic 96 x 96 pixel image sensor

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