Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mark Cuban's Blog: AEREO – Everything Old is New Again

AEREO deserves a lot of credit for their effort.  It was a long and expensive shot to do what they went for.  But they went for it.  And they attempted to pivot after their SCOTUS loss. I was watching with interesting, because it is something we had examined 15 years ago at
The technology has obviously gotten better on all sides of the equation, but sometimes a good idea is a good idea. Even if it is hard to make work.  This is from January of 2000. What is fascinating is the alliances and attempts that were being made or considered.   We also did the same kind of work to determine if we could set  up antennas and a server for individual users and see if that was legal
Below it you will find a doc from 1999 where we tried to do the same thing in a different way a few months earlier.
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