Friday, July 11, 2014

Yahoo Buys RayV

Yahoo announced Friday it has bought RayV, an Israel-based startup specializing in streaming high-quality video to computers and mobile devices.
From the RayV web site: 
We are excited to announce we are joining Yahoo's Cloud Platforms and Services Team!
Our team began the RayV journey with the goal of building a revolutionary video distribution platform that would provide a better video experience for viewers over the internet, while easing the distribution process for content creators. Over the last eight years, we have done just that.


The RayV Platform has been built for the OTT multi-screen ecosystem. RayV built full-featured native mobile applications for Apple, Android, and Windows Phone devices. RayV also supports various STBs (generally speaking every Android STB is supported almost automatically).
The cross-platform client handles the adaptive bitrate streaming, user authentication and content protection (DRM) processing in the end devices. RayV’s platform has configurable templates that provide maximum flexibility and functionality thus greatly reducing the time to market required for delivering multimedia Apps supporting multi-screen platforms.
The RayV platform’s customizable applications maintain brand recognition and provide a consistent user experience.

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