Thursday, July 10, 2014

ICatch Technology  iCatch Technology

ICatch Technology makes Digital video imaging platform chipsets used in smart phones, tablet PCs, digital cameras and digital video recorders and other products include digital, analog, algorithms, software and system design products and services.

founded in 2009, focuses on digital video imaging platform chip design. With its own video core technologies, patents and R&D team.

They have ten years of experience in the digital imaging industry, production and sales of more than one hundred million systems on chip.

iCDSP is iCatch’s image processing pipeline. It reaches 240M pixels/sec data throughput with in-pipe LDC (Lens Distortion Correction) and AHD (Advanced High-ISO De-noise) functions. Combined with the iCatch’s high speed JPEG encoder, the iCatch DSC SoC has a high burst capture performance of 16M@15fps. The images can be captured, processed, compressed and stored to the storage media until the storage card full. There is no limitation on the DRAM density.

iCDSP key features

They make the video controller in my past article, Car Keychain Micro Video Camera's

They also have their own RTOS iCatOS although no public data is available that I could find on it.

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