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World Teleport Association
World Teleport Association Announces Top Operator Rankings for 2011

(New York City, December 13, 2011) – World Teleport Association (WTA) announced its rankings of the Top Teleport Operators of 2011. The annual ranking provides a unique look into the diverse teleport sector of the global communications industry. For the first time in the history of the rankings, the teleport operators reported their total spending on satellite capacity. The total spending of the world's Top 20 Independent Operators was nearly US$1 billion per year on transponder leasing, equal on average to 45% of their revenues.

Rankings were reported in three categories: the Independent Top Twenty, the Global Top Twenty, and what the association calls the "Fast Twenty."

The Independent Top Twenty
The Independent Top Twenty ranks teleport operators based on revenue from all sources. The list focuses on the independent operators at the core of the business, excluding companies whose primary business is ownership and operation of a satellite fleet or terrestrial network. In 2011 four new operators joined the list – Cobbett Hill Earth station, Encompass Digital Media, Europe Media Port, and NewSat. In order from largest to smallest, the Independent Top Twenty of 2011 are:

1.    Harris CapRock (USA)
2.    GlobeCast (France)
3.    Arqiva Broadcast & Media (UK)
4.    Globecomm Systems (USA)
5.    RRsat Global Communications (Israel)
6.    Encompass Digital Media (USA)
7.    TeleCommunications Systems (Government Services) (USA)
8.    GE Satcom (Germany)
9.    du (UAE)
10.    Teleport Internacional Buenos Aires (Argentina)
11.    Satlink Communications (Israel)
12.    Essel Shyam Communciations (India)
13.    NewSat (Australia)
14.    Newcom International (USA)
15.    Central Europe Telecom Services (Germany)
16.    CET Teleport (Germany)
17.    Jordan Media City (Jordan)
18.    ATCi (USA)
19.    Cobbett Hill Earth Station (UK)
20.    Europe Media Port (Cyprus)

The Global Top Twenty
The Global Top Twenty ranks companies based on revenues from all customized communications sources and includes operators of teleports, satellite fleets and business-to-business fiber networks. Three companies make their debut on the Global Top Twenty list in 2011 – du, Encompass Digital Media and GE Satcom. In order from largest to smallest, the Global Top Twenty of 2011 are:

1.    Intelsat (Bermuda)
2.    SES (Luxembourg)
3.    Eutelsat (France)
4.    Telenor Satellite Broadcasting (Norway)
5.    Hughes Network Systems (USA)
6.    Telesat (Canada)
7.    Harris CapRock (USA)
8.    EchoStar Satellite Services Corp. (USA)
9.    GlobeCast (France)
10.    Arqiva Broadcast & Media (UK)
11.    Thaicom (Thailand)
12.    Hispasat (Spain)
13.    Globecomm Systems (USA)
14.    AsiaSat (China)
15.    RRsat Global Communications (Israel)
16.    Encompass Digital Media (USA)
17.    TeleCommunications Systems (Government Services) (USA)
18.    Gazprom Space Systems (Russia)
19.    GE Satcom (Germany)
20.    du (UAE)  

The "Fast Twenty"
The Fast Twenty ranks all teleport-operating companies based on year-over-year revenue growth in their most recent fiscal years. Newcomer Santander Teleport was the fastest of the fast with an impressive 531% growth – the kind of growth that only a startup company can generate in its first few years. Also new to the list are Encompass Digital Media, NewSat and SES. Ranked by revenue growth, the Fast Twenty of 2011 are:

1.    Santander Teleport (Spain)
2.    Encompass Digital Media (USA)
3.    Europe Media Port (Cyrpus)
4.    TeleCommunications Systems (Government Services) (USA)
5.    Cobbett Hill Earth Station (UK)
6.    Globecomm Systems (USA)
7.    Newcom International (USA)
8.    EchoStar Satellite Services Corp. (USA)
9.    AsiaSat (China)
10.    Teleport Internacional Buenos Aires (Argentina)
11.    NewSat (Australia)
12.    CET Teleport (Germany)
13.    Jordan Media City (Jordan)
14.    Eutelsat (France)
15.    Essel Shyam Communciations (India)
16.    Hispasat (Spain)
17.    du (UAE)
18.    RRsat Global Communications (Israel)
19.    SES (Luxembourg)
20.    Harris CapRock (USA)

About the Top Operator Rankings
The association's Top Operator rankings are compiled by surveying teleport operators around the world on their facilities, services and business results. These rankings provide a unique insight into the sometimes less glamorous realities of the teleport sector.

"This year the Top Operators survey has an interesting story to tell," said Robert Bell, WTA's Executive Director. "The Global Top Twenty had combined revenue of $12.85 billion, while the Independent Top Twenty had combined revenues of $2.15 billion. In the 2011 survey, respondents reported on their total spending on satellite capacity in the most recent, complete fiscal year. The Independent Operators spent $927 million on satellite capacity, which represented 45% on average of their total revenues. In addition, companies with less than $25 million in total revenues spent an average of 54% of their total revenues on satellite capacity.  It's interesting to note that capacity spending as a percentage of revenues varied widely – from a high of 70% to a low of 17% – depending on the teleport operator's type of business."

About World Teleport Association
Since 1985, the World Teleport Association (www.worldteleport.org) has focused on improving the business of satellite communications from the ground up. At the core of its membership are the world's most innovative operators of teleports, from independents to multinationals, niche service providers to global carriers. WTA is dedicated to advocating for the interests of teleport operators in the global telecommunications market and promoting excellence in teleport business practice, technology and operations.

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